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The Analysis Division is run by a dedicated group of volunteers and appointed executive members. As well, the organization has a number of active Technical Interest Groups which are chaired by volunteers.

AD Symposium 2015 (Galveston) Contacts

Analysis Division Director Don Netttles
Conference Chair Cindy Cauthen
Assistant Chair Dale Merriman
Vendor and Hospitality Chair Shana Kiser
Paper Review Chair Paul Barnard
Technical Program Chair Mike Chaney
Education and Training Chair Manny Alvarez
Publications Chair Bob Farmer
Hands on Training Chair TBA
Spouses Program Co-Chairs Tommie Merriman
Beth Nettles

Analysis Division Executive

Director (2013-2014) Don Nettles
Director Elect Tracy Dye
Director Elect Elect  
Past Director Randy Hauer
ISA Staff Contact Rodney Jones
Education and Training Chair Manny Alvarez
Technial Program Chair Mike Chaney
Paper Review Chair Paul Barnard
Membership Chair Bill Johnson
Marketing Chair Randy Hauer
Honors and Awards Chair Jerry Clemons
Standards and Practices Bac Vu
Web Master Phil Harris

Technical Interest Groups

Chemical Analyzers Jim Tatera
Chromatography Jerry Clemons
Communications Bob Farmer
Emerging Technology Rod Spittler
Gas Detectors Mike Chaney
Maintenance John Sablatura
Physical Properties Pete Wisneski
Don Nettles
Sample Systems Bob Sherman
Spectroscopy Phil Harris
Bob Saltzman
Systems Integration  
Validation Jim McKinely

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