Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you have questions. We have done our best to answer the most common questions about the ISA, the Analysis Division, and the Symposium here. If your questions aren't answered here, please visit our contacts page to submit them to the appropriate member.

Q: What does ISA stand for ?
A: ISA is the acronym for the International Society of Automation, founded in 1945. More information about the society can be found here.

Q: How do I register for the AD Symposium
A: Click on the registration button to the left. Once the window opens, click on the link to the main ISA website for collection of your information and payment.

Q:How do I join the Analysis Division ?
A: It is as simple as becoming a member of the ISA. Starting in 2009 ISA offered two division memberships free of charge with your annual ISA membership (these were $10 each in the past). So, if you are already an ISA member do not miss the opportunity to be part of the Analysis Division community. If you are not a member of ISA, click on the second link under registration on this web site and that will take you directly to the ISA website membership form.

Q: What are the benefits of belonging to the Analysis Division ?
A: Process Analytics is a complex and detailed field. Many companies see fit to appoint several specialists within their organization but there is often little opportunity to gain experience beyond the confines of their own tribal experience. The Analysis Division gives exposure to process analyzer professionals from over 60 operating companies and and additional 50 vendor support companies. There are twelve technical interest groups (TIGs) covering every facet of process analytics and access to independent advice from the TIG groups is part of the membership advantage. Membership provides the opportunity for personal and direct liaison  with the finest minds in the industry.

Q:What else does the Analysis Division do ?
A: Our primary event is the annual symposium held each year in April.  The symposium encompasses four educational elements; the 3 day program of peer reviewed papers, the one day fundamentals course, the one day advanced training course and the vendor information sessions conducted over 3 days.

In addition, the Analysis Division makes the TIG chairs available for discussion of direct questions from members, this information is vetted so the members get the full range of advice, free of any commercial bias.

The Analysis Division recently compiled a complete collection of the papers from the last 55 years and for the first time distributed them at the 55th symposium. This collection is currently being adapted so it is 100% keyword searchable and is tremendous scholarly collection in its own right.

Q: How do I rationalize to my management that I need to belong to the Analysis Division and attend the AD Symposium.
A: Analyzers costs tens of thousands of dollars, full integration can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and return is measured in millions of dollars. One interaction, one nugget of wisdom, the benefit of learning about mistakes previously made is the payback. There is only one independent forum and source of information for process analytics and it is the ISA Analysis Division.

Q: Is there a discussion group for process analyzer and sample system questions
A: Each of the twelve individual TIGs have a chair and a co-chair and they make themselves available to discuss established applications and technology. Preparations are being made to conduct discussion groups from this website for members and guests. All technical discussions are conducted in compliance with the Analysis Division's policy of being non-commercial.